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Driving Safely - Let's Review!

Langley - Some of us only recently learned how to drive, while others have been doing so for decades. The sad reality – many of us have forgotten (or chose not to obey) some of the most basic rules (we call them LAWS) of the road.

Mail Theft in Langley

Langley - Over the last month, communities throughout the Langleys (and the Lower Mainland) have been victimized by mail theft. This past Monday alone, 18 superboxes were pried open and the mail stolen.

Image of a US $100 bill

Counterfeit Currency

Langley - Over the last couple of months, Langley RCMP has seen an increase in the use of counterfeit US currency for payment of goods.

Photograph of Volunteers Checking a vehicle for visibile valuables.

You May as well Give it Away

Langley - Auto Crime continues to be a problem in the Langleys and police are now going door-to-door to educate car owners on what amounts to ‘target hardening’. Owners who don’t follow a few simple tips may as well take your property and ‘give it away’.

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