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Driving Safely - Let's Review!

Langley - Some of us only recently learned how to drive, while others have been doing so for decades. The sad reality – many of us have forgotten (or chose not to obey) some of the most basic rules (we call them LAWS) of the road.

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Don't Leave a 'Key' to your House in your Car!

- Once again in the Langleys, RCMP is noticing an increase in residential break-ins where the ‘bad guy’ uses the garage door opener to access the home.

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Back to School Safety

Langley - It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! Schools are about to be back in session, it is timely to remind Langley residents of a few safety tips for driving in our neighbourhoods. Vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle and school bus safety are all important topics parents should review with their children.

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