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2021-09-01 07:28 PDT

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With the start of a new school year just around the corner, it is timely to remind Langley residents of a few safety tips for driving in our neighbourhoods. Vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle safety are all important topics parents should review with their children.

Parents dropping off their children should avoid parking on the opposite side of the street from the school. If this is unavoidable, ensure your children know how to safely navigate their way across a roadway by using a designated crosswalk. Also, avoid double parking by stopping and unloading in non-designated parking / drop off zones. Do not block buses or use designated bus only areas for dropping off or picking up your children.

Do not park inside or over a designated crosswalk or pass a stopped vehicle which is allowing pedestrians to cross the street. Learn the traffic patterns at the school and be courteous to other drivers, obeying the directions of crossing guards.

No Parking in a crosswalk sign

Children exiting vehicles should also be careful when opening doors, and whenever possible, they should exit on the curb side of the vehicle. Always discourage your children from crossing the road in the middle of the block.

Drivers should make a mental note of school zone speed limits back in effect. When school is in session, motorists driving in school zones may go no faster than 30 km/h between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Be mindful of school buses in the area and remember, the law requires drivers to stop for school buses when their red lights are flashing.

It is important to note that when a vehicle is traveling at 30 km/h, it takes 18 meters to come to a full stop, but more than double that distance – 37 meters, when the vehicle is traveling at 50 km/h.

Parents can protect their children by ensuring they are familiar with the rules of the road. Teach your children how to properly cross a street using a designated crosswalk. Make sure children look both ways and make eye contact with approaching motorists to ensure they are seen before entering a crosswalk. Instruct your children not to enter a crosswalk until traffic has come to a full stop in both directions. Children should respect crossing guards at school crosswalks and there should be no horse-play while crossing the street. Pedestrians should never assume that when a light turns green it is safe for them to cross the street. Look for traffic. If riding bicycles, children and other cyclists should follow the flow of traffic as close to the right edge of the street as possible, in single file.
Familiarize both yourself and your children with the route to school, pointing out safe practices, including where and how they are to catch the bus. Encourage your child to ask questions about traffic and what to do if they are unsure about how to do something safely.

Langley RCMP Traffic, School Resource & General Duty Officers will patrol school areas throughout the school year and conduct enforcement to encourage compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act. These efforts will be heightened throughout September.

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