About Langley RCMP

The Langley RCMP is dedicated to protect and serve the citizens of Langley through the prevention and reduction of crime, in partnership with our community.

A Message from the Officer in Charge, Superintendent Murray Power

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are proud to serve the citizens of Langley Township and Langley City as well as contribute to the Lower Mainland Regional Police Service. I welcome you to the Langley RCMP Website.

Policing the vibrant and growing communities within Langley are both a pleasure and an ever-changing challenge. Like all Canadians, the people of Langley are warm, welcoming and ready to work together to make this community a better place to live and work for all. We, in the RCMP, see ourselves as a key partner in making this a reality. Both City and Township Mayors and Councils are very engaged with the RCMP and do an excellent job of coordinating the various municipal departments for the benefit of all their constituents.

Superintendent Murray POWER

There are few consistent factors for consideration when determining the appropriate allocation of policing resources. Once a problematic situation is brought under control, a new and different concern will arise. Seldom are the situations identical and therefore an adjusted solution to the new problem is required. Not all citizens are concerned with the same type of crime. Often, our officers become familiar with the local criminal element only to find a new group has emerged with new practices and crimes of choice. Once criminals discover a new technique or opportunity, news spreads quickly, requiring an adjustment by police. The game of cat and mouse between cops and robbers continues.

Communication between police and community is critical to reduce the impact of crime on all citizens and business owners. We are pleased to have our Community Liaison Officers imbedded in our communities to connect more effectively with both businesses and citizens. We must ensure everyone is aware of problem areas / trends and continue to share the best crime prevention practices. History has proven this community to be extremely effective eyes and ears for the police. The community remains, and must continue, in their role as an integral part of the larger crime fighting team. Crime prevention techniques in addition to timely reporting of suspicious activities / persons are necessary components for crime reduction and mutual benefit.

Langley RCMP has a robust cadre of members working under different mandates within a global strategy to best serve our communities. We always welcome and encourage input from our community. There is a direct correlation between an effective policing service and the level of community engagement with its own public safety. Our strength emanates from working together. As a team, we will keep Langley safe and preserve this desirable place to do business and raise a family.

We are augmented by many support and integrated units throughout the Lower Mainland including; Police Dogs Services, Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), Forensic Identification Section, Air Services and CFSEU to name a few.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact us to see how you can contribute to a safer community.

Murray POWER

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