File # 2015-11438
Thu Apr 23 09:36:00 PDT 2015

Once again in the Langleys, RCMP is noticing an increase in residential break-ins where the ‘bad guy’ uses the garage door opener to access the home.

Recently in the Fort Langley area, unknown person(s) accessed a home through the garage using a remote left in an unlocked family car. This incident is particularly concerning given the family was home at the time sleeping. Several items were taken from the residence including the keys for the family’s car and subsequently, the car itself. Fortunately, the vehicle was recovered the following day with no apparent damage.

If you notice suspicious people lurking around vehicles in your neighbourhood, immediately report the activity to police. If at all possible, take note of any descriptors for the individual or license plates for related vehicles. Often times, it is this information that provides us with a viable suspect for property crime in the area.

If your home is broken into, it needs to be reported to police. There is the possibility the culprits may have left physical evidence behind (fingerprints, DNA) and officers are trained to recover this evidence for testing. Police may be able to reconcile information provided about suspicious persons or vehicles in the area at the time with the circumstances surrounding your break-in. This could result in arrests, charges and the return of your stolen property.

Corporal Holly LARGY, Ideally, we would like to avoid this situation altogether. You wouldn’t normally leave your house key in your vehicle, and the door opener is practically a key to the palace. Please consider removing the opener from your vehicle each day, particularly when you are parking outside. The second thing to remember is to lock your inner garage door so criminals aren’t able to access your home or family. Two small things can make such a difference.

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